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gcsEASE Health and Social Care is a valuable resource that can significantly enhance the performance of your students.

  • Comprehensive coverage of this vocational curriculum
  • Content that is OCR, Edexcel and AQA compliant
  • Interactive activities that ignite the imagination while enhancing understanding
  • Case studies featuring advice from experienced professionals

example page from Health & Social CareCONTENT

gcsEASE Health and Social Care features detailed educational material devised and written by experienced and respected professionals in the industry. Their knowledge and expertise informs this lively and informative learning experience.

Screen from activityACTIVITY  Overview

The gcsEASE Health and Social Care site features an eye-catching and imaginative activity that demonstrates a key element of the course. This is an extremely simple and enjoyable way to learn complex information.

Screen from The Health Biz activityACTIVITY  The Health Biz

The Health Biz is an interactive guide through the maze of health and social services. For example, who does a pregnant woman turn to in order to monitor the well-being of herself and her baby? How can an elderly individual obtain an expensive stair-lift via the local authority? Who can a student turn to if the pressure and stress of their exams is unbearable?

The Health & Social Care quizQUIZ

gcsEASE Health and Social Care has its own quiz. This provides the opportunity for students to test their own knowledge, and to identify where they can improve. The interactive quiz is also much more fun than a formal written test.

Example case studyCASE STUDIES

gcsEASE Health and Social Care features interviews from experienced experts in the industry. For example, respected Primary Care Trust worker Jean Whittle offers her advice and words of wisdom.

Links & Did You Know?LINKS AND DID YOU KNOW?

gcsEASE Health and Social Care provides essential links that access key websites.

Did You Know? links to key background information about the industry.