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Solids, liquids and how they can be separated

Activities for Home

Are these liquids?

Liquids run; they take the shape of their container; they pour to make a flat surface. But some materials behave very strangely. Some materials behave like liquids. Some are mixtures of materials - liquid in a liquid, a liquid in a gas, a solid in a gas, a solid in a liquid - even a liquid in a solid!

You need:  
- Emulsion paint
- Jelly cubes
- Mayonnaise
- Shaving foam
- Vegetable oil
- Vinegar

Try this

1 Paint a little emulsion paint on a card. Let it dry.
Bend the card. Write down your observations.

Look carefully at the mayonnaise and shaving foam.
Put a spoonful of each on a plate.
Leave them for a while. Write down your observations.

3 Break off one jelly cube.
Put it in warm water from the tap.
Write down your observations.
4 Put a little vinegar and vegetable oil in a jar with a screw top.
Watch what happens. Shake it.
Let it stand. Write down your observations.

Try this

Solids and liquidsList all the liquids you can think of and try to group them by type. Decide your own group names and be prepared to explain the reasons for the groups.