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Improving the environment: QCA Unit 8

The environment is everything around us. It's the land we live on, the air we breathe and the sea we swim in. All life on Earth is dependent on the environment, so we must look after it.

At the moment we are using up the Earth's resources too quickly, which damages the environment. In 1992, world leaders produced a report known as Agenda 21. It highlights the high levels of waste we produce, including things like old electronic devices, car tyres and even submarines.

But the good news is that all of us can do something about it. Many waste materials are renewable, which means that they can be used again.

We can take our used bottles to a bottle bank and they will be melted down to make new bottles. Sand is the main ingredient of glass. Bottle banks cut down on sand mining and the ugly holes in the landscape it creates.

We can save aluminium cans to be made into new ones. Aluminium is mined from the ground and goes through an expensive process to make it into cans.

Cardboard and paper can be recycled. This will mean less trees are felled to make paper products.

In your own garden, plant waste can be saved in a frame of wood or wire, or a plastic bin. It will rot down and can be used as compost to make new plants grow.

Think about what you can do to reuse and recycle. This saves money and energy and preserves the world's resources for future generations.