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BookBox Games

Fridge Magnets

Make up and print your own fridgetastic poems!
Choose from 4 sets of words stored in the
freezer to write poems about Dragons, Sweets,
Cats or Ghosts. Supercool!

Film of The Book

Ever wondered how to turn your favourite book
into a film? This game gives you 4 printable
pages to help you persuade the Big Cheese!

Is It A Limerick?

Play the limerick game and see if you can find
all 7 limericks that are hidden. Then write your
own limericks to print out and keep!

Quiz Box

Test your knowledge of the Bookbox website
with this mind-bending quiz. Fiendish but fun!

Missing Links

We give you the beginnings and endings of 7
wacky stories, and you have to fill in the
missing links!