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Teacher's notes

What is 'Science Essentials'?

Science Essentials is a website for primary age children that matches the National Curriculum for Primary Science for England and Wales and is referenced to the Attainment Outcomes for Scotland.

It is organised around the Learning Outcomes of the QCA Scheme of Work for Science.

The site provides you with teaching material that you can download:

Worksheets for children. You can adapt these if necessary to suit your class.
A wide range of pictures and other resources that you can use to illustrate worksheets and help explain science concepts and skills.

How does 'Science Essentials' work?

Each unit is organised as follows:

>QCA unit number
This number relates directly to the unit numbering of the QCA Scheme of Work.

>What's the big idea?
This tells, in a few words and with illustration where appropriate, the knowledge needed to meet the learning outcomes of that unit.

> Activities for home
These on-screen activities can be done at home to support the learning at school.

>Frequently asked questions
This lists a few FAQs about the content, and gives some answers.

This presents a question and three possible answers - some wrong, some unlikely, one correct. Correct choices are rewarded. Incorrect choices are admonished - and sometimes help is given.

The essential vocabulary defined.

These worksheets can be downloaded, edited if necessary, and used for classroom activities. They are available as Word documents that will open in Word 97 and above (PC) and Word 98 (Mac).

>Image bank
This resource offers you images related to the subject, to download and use for:

  • individualised worksheets
  • study guides
  • teaching aids of all kinds, including overhead projections and wall charts.
    Children can download them to illustrate their work.

>Web links
Takes you from this site to other sites, where the subject is related.