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1. In industrial fractional distillation what are the bubble caps for?

2. In a catalytic cracking experiment how can you tell that paraffin is an alkane and that the gas is an alkene?

3. Alkanes can be made by cracking large alkane molecules. Explain how the cracking process is carried out.

4. Crude oil consists of a large number of different compounds. Most of these compounds are alkanes. 1. Explain how fractional distillation seperates crude oil. 2. What are alkanes?

5. Hi. I need some help on thermal degradation because my notes are mixed up. When paraffin is cracked is ethane or ethene formed because my notes say ethane and I have it writen down three times but my teacher has crossed one ethane out and repalced it with an e so I am confused? And if ethane is formed how is an alkene formed? Thanks for your time.

6. Do you know any information on pollution caused by plastics and burning fuels?

7. I don't understand crude oil and the process. Please can you explain. Thanks a million.

8. Can you explain hydrocarbons and alkanes and alkenes and also high and low viscosity and volatility please?

9. Hi, we've just started looking at carbon and bucky carbon and I was wondering what it is used for, I...

10. I have to explain why alkanes like methane and butane are used as fuels (at least 3 reasons) and why not all alkanes are used as fuels.

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