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Q. I am having problems revising. Every time I sit down to revise, I get sidetracked. My S.A.T.s are coming up and I want to get the highest result I can. I am on a level 7 at the moment and I want to get a 8. Is there something I can do to boost up my grade? Thank you for your time.

Well, the easy answer would be to tell you not to keep getting sidetracked! Seriously, though, there are lots of ways you can aim for that elusive Level 8 - notice how I said 'elusive': Level 7 is what you should be getting! Your spelling and punctuation, for Level 8, really needs to be something special, Nabila. No, or very few mistakes, and a bank of really impressive words used with both competence and confidence. Looking at the language in detail, in both the language comprehension and the Shakespeare, will also improve your level, although, again, quite sophisticated comments would be expected. You should be 100% confident with your Shakespeare scenes, ready to answer anything and everything the examiner throws at you - looking forward to it really. Finally, you should have a lot of confidence in writing about poems which you haven't already been through with a teacher ie.untaught, or unseen, poetry. This is a difficult task; it requires much maturity and thought. final thought, would be just to remind you that Level 7 is where you should be: the Level 8 really doesn't come into place until you reach G.C.S.E. - when I'm sure you'll be ready for it! I hope this has been useful!

Submitted by: Nabila, (Age 13)

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