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Q. Can you help me prepare for a class debate about parenting classes for parents?

There are a number of ways I would encourage you to prepare for this. The best piece of advice I can give you as you go into a debate is to think of the arguments on BOTH sides ? not just to prepare your own. This enables you to predict what the other side might come up with, and then you can come back at them if you get the chance. So what I would do is draw two columns on a page, headed with the words ?for? and ?against?. Then, look up any relevant sites on the Internet ? try putting the word ?parenting? into a good search engine. You are likely to find more information for parenting classes, as it is something that people can make money out of. Because of this, try to put yourself in the position of parents who are told how they can be better parents. Many people resent this ? being grown ups who have left school! The arguments come from that emotion,. Basically! Hope this is food for thought!

Submitted by: Natasha, (Age 14)

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