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Q. From the play 'View from the Bridge', how would I go about playing Eddie?

Hmmm..I'd look at Eddie Carbone, in terms of his relationships with those around him, I think, and then offer advice on how to act him in relation to this. For example: with Beatrice, his wife, there should be a sense of something strained, something not right in their sex life. This triangle of emotions between Beatrice, Eddie and Catherine should be apparent in the way Eddie relates to his wife. He is insulted by her remarks about his feeling for his neice; he is likewise insulted and embarrassed about her references to what he does and does not want to do in bed etc. With Catherine, then, Eddie actions are of an over-protective father figure. He loves Catherine; nothing and nobody are ever going to be good enough for his princess. She deserves the best, and he is desperate to protect her, to make sure she gets what she deserves etc. They are close and loving; they laugh intimately with each other and seem to know what the other is about to do or say before they actually do it. If you look at Eddie in a similar way, with Alfieri, and then with the two illegal immigrants, Marco and Rodolpho, I'm sure you will get plenty into this essay - as well as providing different ideas on how best to portray this complex character. My last piece of advice would be to use the stage directions, from Miller, as you write; and also the advice from Alfieri, the play's narrator figure. Of all his clients, Eddie is the one he loved the most - work out how that could be (and why) when it is Eddie who destroys the Carbone family in that phone call to the Immigration Bureau.

Submitted by: Adam Newby, (Age 15)

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