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Q. Could you explain what the JICNARS Scale (joint industry committee for newspaper advertising research) is and how I could use it in my essay to compare a broadsheet and a tabloid?

It is a system used by advertisers for categorising people. It is meant to indicate class and is essentially based on occupations and spending power. If you are an advertiser you want to know who is reading certain newspapers and magazines so that you can then attract that audience. Here are the classifications: *A upper middle class (successful business or professional) *B middle class (senior business or professional) *C1 White collar, lower middle class consumers (eg tradespeople/non-manual workers) *C2 blue-collar (skilled working class) *D semi-or unskilled manual workers *E lowest level of subsistence (casual workers, social security dependants) This scale has many critics and is not a precise system. There is the assumption that the head of the household is a man There are rapid changes in occupation and many types of work no longer smoothly fit this pattern In comparing a tabloid and a broadsheet, you need to find out the audience of the respective papers. It may be that The Times aims to attract A, B and C1s whereas the target audience of The Star is C2s and Ds. This may affect the content of those newspapers and the editorial style. For a comparison of tabloid and broadsheets, look in the library at HH.

Submitted by: jo, (Age 15)

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