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Q. Could you help me write a story called 'The Odd Couple'?

Hi there! What I?ll do is give you a number of scenarios for a story. Choose the one you like, and then have a look at the advice that follows! 1. You and your family are living a peaceful existence until a pair of inventors move in next door. Describe what you see as they help unpack the removal van! 2. Write a story about beautiful woman who lives with an unfortunate-looking man. What sort of reactions do they face from their neighbours? Could you build a moral into the story about not judging people from their appearances? 3. Write a story about a set of triplets who have an obsession about odd numbers. They change the number of their house and even insist on owning a car with three wheels! What happens to drive them over the edge? Now for those tips. Plan your story carefully in the form of a flow diagram before you begin. Think of a brilliant way to end even before you begin writing. Remember to write a beginning that ?hooks? the reader and draws them in ? retain an element of mystery. Keep the number of character to below five, and rather than describe them by appearance, create an impression of them by what they say and do. As well as using adjectives to make your writing exciting, choose verbs carefully too. Vary sentence length to avoid sounding boring. Short snappy sentences can create an air of excitement or tension. Hope this helps.

Submitted by: chichard, (Age 14)

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