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Q. "Examine the part played by Banquo in the play, showing in particular how he helps to reveal Macbeth's character" Please could you give us some pointers on that as well as how to make a good essay for Shakespeare. I've looked through the library but can't seem to find jsut what I'm looking for. Many thanks, Jenny.

Banquo is important because he contrasts with Macbeth and notices that Macbeth is 'rapt withal' when he meets the Witches - that means that Macbeth is fascinated by them whereas Banquo seems to be far less convinced. When Banquo asks Macbeth if he thinks of the Witches at all, Macbeth says that he does not. This shows the audience that Macbeth is lying -this shows that Banquo is there to reveal aspects of Macbeth's character. Banquo suspects Macbeth and this causes Macbeth to be afraid. Therefore Macbeth arranges the murder of Banquo and Fleance. The fact that Macbeth is prepared to murder his best friend shows that Macbeth has now become very evil. In conclusion, Banquo's role is to emphasise Macbeth's evil and to show how disloyal and dishonest Macbeth is. Banquo also emphasises the development in Macbeth's character, as the play progresses.

Submitted by: Jenny-Louise, (Age 15)

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