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Q. I am doing a debate on 'designer clothes are over rated', I am for the argument and I am having problems thinking of a speech. Could you give me some points?

1. Try to anticipate what the opposition may say - this way you can defeat their arguments even before they've had a chance to speak! 2. Try to include examples to back up the points which you make as this makes your points seem more convincing. If you can find any facts and figures to include, then that's even better! 3. Try to present your opinions as facts by using phrases like 'It's a well known fact that... ' or 'Everyone agrees that...' or 'Anyone with any common sense can see that...' This way, your opinions will sound much more convincing. 4. Try to include a bit of humour in your speech, but don't go too far over the top - you want to convince people that what you are saying makes sense! 5. Try to include some repetition in your speech. This is what all the politicians and public speakers do - that way, key phrases will stick in the audience's mind! 6. Finally, make sure that you have a good first and last sentence as they are the two sentences which everyone will remember. If you can, also try to bring the speech back to the beginning at the end. E.g. 'At the start of my speech I said that.... I hope that now you agree that this is true.' Good luck!

Submitted by: chessy, (Age 13)

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