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Q. I am in top set for English but never put up my hand. How can I build up my confidence?

Being shy and lacking in confidence is very common and a few straightforward steps can easily improve things. Firstly, it is important to start feeling comfortable with yourself and thinking about what you are good at and remembering little bits of praise and encouragement you have had. Stop worrying about what people may think of you and what you say. You have a right to respect yourself and must now start trying to forget yourself a bit in company and in class. You might want to note down, say, the good points and the minor achievements that have happened to you in a week.This will build up your self-esteem. As you contribute, it is important not to be put off by anything others may say to you. You must believe in yourself. Good luck, Joe!

Submitted by: JOE, (Age 13)

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