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Q. I am doing a debate on the abolition of the eleven plus ( I am against the motion!) Can you give me a few pointers?

I answered you earlier, so here are a few points about why the eleven plus is not a good thing:

It divides society into those who succeed and those who fail. The ones who fail feel that they are 'second class' people.

The ones who pass the eleven plus go to better schools and receive a better quality education which is unfair on the others.

Many children develop late and eleven is the wrong time for them to be examined in this way.

The examination is too stressful and demanding for children of eleven years of age.

The children who pass the eleven plus go into an 'academic' education which trains them for professional jobs and higher education. However, many of these children would be better doing more practical things.

Those who fail the eleven plus, tend to receive a much more practical education and are denied the opportunity to go to university and become members of the professions.

These are just a few ideas. What you need to do now is to take each idea and develop the point. Give examples and explore the issue in some more depth. Good luck again!

Submitted by: Elizabeth, (Age 13)

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